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Freelance Experts

Access freelancers in Kenya and East Africa Community without worries of losing money. Web developers, Graphic designers, Writers, Consultancy services, Errand services, Counselling services, Advisory Services, Marketers, Counselors, Creative Minds, Business and Marketing concepts.

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Training & Courses

We offer onsite training and online courses in corporate environments, startup business skills and personal development. Job creation oriented courses in E-commerce, turning talents and skills into digital revenue for youths and upcoming entrepreneurs.

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Safe Online Shopping

Shop online without the fear of being swindled your hard earned cash through Afrobora secure online store system. Sellers deliver the product, you verify first and give us a go ahead to release the payment. Your payment is held tight until the seller delivers the product.

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Secure Remote Services

Engage service providers on without the fear of losing money or getting poor services. You engage the service provider, chat, reach an agreement on when the task should be delivered and at what cost. We only release the payment after you are satisfied. Access Web developers, Writers, Music producers, Graphic designers, Advisors, Marketers, counselors, Mentors, Consultants, Errand guys, Virtual Assistants and more

Secure Online Shopping

Shop online without the fear of losing money or getting law quality products from scammers. You chat with the seller to verify the details, you agree on delivery dates and you place you order. The payment is only released to the seller after you receive the product. You are the one who completes the transaction process. Buy Appliances, Computers,Television sets, Car Spares, Sound Systems, Kitchen Items, Food and Accessories through Afrobora Marketplace.

On Location Services

Engage individuals and firms that are locally positioned in a particular town, village, estate, province or county. No need of travelling all those miles when they can do it for you based on your agreement. It can be research, attend on your behalf and give a report, flyer and poster distribution, local area marketing, house and land hunting, case study, photo taking, tour guide, inspection services and more. Never worry, our secure payment system only releases the money after the work is done. See On Location Service Providers

Pro Self Employment Courses

Pro Self Employment Courses are supposed to help the trainees in getting skills that will help them become self employed and employ others as they grow. These courses are offered by experts who have practically walked that particular business journey to gain experience that will be poured into your able hands. The trainers are people currently doing it, you learn from the source. Check Available Courses.

Ideas and Concepts

We have think tanks and researchers on Afrobora on business ideas, marketing ideas, design ideas and concepts. Be it business name suggestions, domain suggestions, custom marketing concepts, product design and presentation ideas or just anything that calls for creativity, Afrobora Ideas & Concepts will have you covered. You can also buy ready to access business guides, marketing guides, birthday guides, design concepts, or just any kind of guide you may need. You browse through, place your order and download instantly.

Invite Us For Business Stimulation Talks & Training

Everyone can do much better as long as he/she has the right energy after inner power activation. Invite Afrobora team to inspire your employees, your students and youth groups. Our talks can last a day, a week, 2 weeks or just hours depending on how we agree. We specialize in job creation and self employment ideas, custom content for organizations, How to turn your business into a digital empire, Using websites and Apps to make a living, and personal development hacks that ignite greatness. Reach on us here.

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